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Alteration Fees

Wedding Gown Alteration Fees

If you have any questions, contact: 503.213.1292

Hem: $175-$250

Cut off/shorten train(add to hem): $50-$100

Sides: $89-$139

Sides with zipper: $89-$139

Take in/out at zipper: $89-$139

Sew on straps: $15+

Raise sleeves: $45-$85

Reshape neckline: $65-$125

Darts: $45-$89

Make sleeves (cap)* : $85-$150

Make jacket (plus fabric)* : $150-$250

Sleeveless Build up* :Quote Per Project

Temple fill or build up with Sleeve* :Quote Per Project

Make Corset loops: $15 a pair

Make Laces (plus fabric): $20

Make Corset back (plus fabric): $110-$150

Make panel: $20

Bustle: $15/per loop

Sew on buttons: $1-$2 each

Sew in cups: $25

Tack on sash: $30

Sew on sash/trim tails* : $40-$60

Full clean: $85

Beading: Quote Per Project

Pressing: $50

• Prices are subject to change and are starting prices. Your fee will depend on the complexity of your dress.
Dresses not purchased at Bridal Exclusives will cost an additional 20%
• Only your seamstress can give you an exact price quote, call for an appointment.
• Prices do not include fabric.