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  • She was amazing! We had Karmen! - Jordyn 2/17
  • A+ for Karmen! She has been amazing and has a great eye for what looks best for your body shape and dress.  She went above and beyond by coming in a couple hours before the store opened to help me find my perfect dress and accessories! - Rebekah 2/17
  • Loved Karmen! So fun and great advice! -Abby 2/17
  • Karmen was amazing! I was nervous and she made me feel so comfortable.  Wonderful experience. - Melissa 2/17
  • Karmen is the best! She made me chicken noodle soup and I got all better.  I love Karmen. - 1/17


  • This was a much better experience than I thought it would be and we all loved Lina.  She was so much fun and so helpful. - Marissa 2/17
  • Lina was awesome! I couldn't have asked for a better experience in your store.  Please hire all your employees just like her! - Sabrina 2/17
  • Lina was an excellent consultant! Friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable.  Great job.  - 2/17
  • You guys were  awesome! You were able to give me a fitting appoinment on short notice.  Also, Lina was amazing! She was enthusiastic and helped me rule out styles that weren't me.  She  was  very  patient,  and  helped  me  find the perfect dress for me!!   I love my dress!! - Jenny 2/17
  • We love Lina! She is the reason we came back! - Sharon 1/17 


  • Hope was wonderful.  She made my experience amazing.  - Lauren 2/17
  • Hope is very good at knowing how to pick dresses and good at pinning you in! - 1/17
  • Great selection! Hope was amazing to my friend, the "bride to be".  What a beautiful store! - Lucretia 1/17
  • Hope was amazing! I wish I could invite her to my wedding in Kentucky! So happy..Thank you Hope!
  • Hope is great! We couldn't make up our mind about 4 ft or 6 ft train and she took us to the back workshop to show us.  We went with a 4 ft after seeing the amazing dress! - 1/17


  • Kaycee was fabulous! Loved her sparkly eyes.  - Donna 2/17
  • Kaycee was amazing! She knew exactly what I wanted and what looked great on me.  Thanks to Kaycee i found my dress! - Parker 2/17
  • Kaycee was incredible! She showed me dresses I wouldn't have ever tried on.  The energy is infectious and she actually made me feel like an excited bride ready to tackle the wedding planning process.  BEST consultant ever! Thank you thank you! - Chidinma 2/17
  • Kaycee was great! - Nicole 10/16
  • Kaycee was great! Very helpful.  Best experience.  - Ari 10/16


  • Alissa is great! I showed her a picture from my pinterest and she found a dress that was so so similar and it was the one  loved most.  I'm super picky too and she was so accommodating and helpful - she quickly identified styles that i liked and was so helpful.  - 2/17
  • Very nice and patient with me trying on lots of dresses and styles! - 2/17
  • Alissa was amazing! Great energy, positive, and helpful.  She made me feel great, and had a lot of fun! I would recommend her to everyone.  Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! - Haley 2/17
  • Alissa was AMAZING! She was incredibly patient and very helpful.  Alissa made my daughter very comfortable and payed close attention to what she was interested in! Thank you! - Paige 2/17
  • Alissa is awesome! Thanks for everything.  - 1/17


  • Alyssa was absolutely amazing to work with.  She made me feel beautiful and she was so kind.  I couldn't be happier with my experience.  I will definitely be reccomending Bridal Exclusives! - Holly 2/17
  • Our experience was so enjoyable.  We travelled from Maui to select Mariah's dress.  Alyssa made everything perfect! I am so happy as the mother of the bride.  Alyssa is the best! We are going home with a dress on our first day shopping! #1 customer satisfaction.  - Cinde 2/17
  • I had such an amazing experience at Bridal Exclusives with Alyssa A. She paid attention to what I liked and picked things that fit my likes and personality.  Alyssa gave me great pointers on hings I didn't even think about.  She is the reaon I came back for my accessories and bridesmaid dresses! She is so AMAZING! I cannot say enough good things about Alyssa! - Kayla 2/17
  • Alyssa was awesome and very patient.  - Bianca 2/17 
  • Alyssa was so helpful and and knowledgeable and brought me so many beautiful gowns! Loved working with her. - Kristi 11/16


  • Amanda has gone above and beyond, she helped to create wonderful memories.  I'll miss our time together! She made me relax and LAUGH!! She was very knowledgable and friendly.  She kept me from being in tears at our first fitting when the dress didnt fit.  - Terrie 1/17
  • Amanda has been awesome to work with and she made it fun, listened to Audra's concerns, answered questions.  - Janina 1/17
  • Amanda is by far the BEST at Bridal Exclusives!! A definite asset! - Audra 1/17
  • Amanda  was  super  awesome.  Very  helpful  and  listened  to  what  I  was  searching  for.  She  found  my  dress  and  I'm  so  thankful  and excited.  - Amanda 11/16
  • Amanda was very patient and helpful! - Tanya 11/16 


  • She was very helpful with everything we needed and let the whole party help pick dresses.  She was inventive to be sure the bride got exactly what she wanted! - Korrin 1/17
  • I loved the dress and my consultant was seriously the best! She cared about what I wanted! Thank you so much to help us get the dress quickly, you're the best! - Megan 1/17
  • Lisa was very nice and made sure we all had what we needed.  Very comfortable setting, and very friendly.  - Alycia 1/17
  • I loved Lisa, very engaged and made it a fun experience! - Meghan 1/17
  • Lisa  was  super  sweet  and  easy  to  work  with.  She  was  very  personable  and  fun!  Plus she  handled our talkative  group super well! Love this shop. - Wendi 1/17


  • We did not feel rushed or pressured.  She was very personable and genuinely interested in our needs! Thank you Yana! - Chelsea 2/17
  • Yana stayed an hour later to help with choosing my dress, and allowed me to book a visit the same day! Was extremely patient, helpful, and gave me great suggestions.  She has a great eye for style.  Thoroughly enjoyed my experience and picked my dress the same day! - Christina 2/17
  • Yana is by far the best in her job! She is so professional and nice.  Best customer service experience ever! - Jauet 2/17
  • My consultant was very helpful and sweet! Had a great experience! And found my perfect dress.  Thank you! - Mey 10/16
  • We appreciated our consultants willingness to work with our price - she was helpful and full of good advice for our options.  Never felt any pressure to upgrade to higher prices here.  So appreciated! Great service, so much better than other bridal stores.  - Miriam 10/16